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    Signs You Need A Water Heater Repair

    Water Heater Repair

    Whether you have a conventional water heater or a tankless system, keeping an eye on these issues is a good idea. Learning how to spot warning signs will help you get in touch with a plumber to fix them before they get too big. Here are some signs that may need to be replaced by your water heater: you have no hot water.

    A hot shower can be both energizing and relaxing, especially as the weather gets colder. But if your water heater does not work properly, when you get ready in the morning, you might be left with cold water. If the adjustment of the thermostat does not solve the problem, the heating element may have a problem. The heating element can sometimes be reignited, but if it goes out regularly or can not be re-illuminated, a professional will check your water heater.

    Your heater for water leaks.

    While your water heater offers hot water for your house, when you find water around this unit, it can be a bad sign. A leak or crack can cause water to pool near its base in your water heater tank. Call Btown Plumber or another local plumber to see if it can be patched. The leaks may be patched by your plumber, but if not, you may need a new unit.

    Mold is in the tank of the water heater.

    Rust is another common sign of trouble with the water heater. It’s probably time to contact a plumber if you see rust around your water heater tank or actually go through the water in your faucet. This may be a warning that water flows into areas it shouldn’t be, including inside your water heater. Finally, rust can also lead to tank corrosion and failure. The rust issue can come from the pipes or the water heater tank itself, your plumber might notice.

    Water Heater Repair

    The water heater is greater than ten years old.  

    Usually, these fixtures were planned to last from 8 to 10 years. It may not function as well as it once did if your water heater reaches this age range. This can lead to higher bills, water heater repair, and fewer showers. Talk to your aged water heater with a plumber to see if it can be repaired or replaced.

    Types of Water Heater Repairs

    1. Faulty Dip Tubes

    The dip tube brings hot, fresh water from the municipal supply through the water heater tank down to the bottom where the heat exchanger absorbs power from the combustion jets. It rises back to the top of the tank as the water warms. If the pipe breaks down, cold water will be collected at the top of the tank where it will be combined with the heated water. The most common reason for a sudden drop in the supply of hot water is a broken dip pipe, but it is also a simple job for technicians to repair.

    2. Restoring a faulty burner 

    Gas-powered water heaters, like those in a gas furnace, can encounter problems in their burner. Rust in the burner or dirt across its surface can cause it to have trouble igniting, and low gas flow or line blockage may also result in a loss of heating energy. As with any repair issue related to natural gas, because of the health risk involved, you should never attempt to job on your own. Just trust the job to technicians with experience.

    3. Replacing failed heating elements 

    Electric water heaters use two inside the tank heating elements to boost the water temperature. If one of the components burns out, the temperature of the water will fall and you will receive lukewarm water from your taps and showerheads. Repair technicians can open the tank and repair the component that is damaged.

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